372 9TH Luxury Rentals

Located in Downtown Jersey City

Drawing on Transitional-style design, we proposed 3 fully branded stories that addressed the strengths, weaknesses, concerns, opportunities, and personality of target demographic for the new project. The team decided upon “372 Ninth”, to convey a sense of Manhattan-esque luxury and mystique. A simple and stylish one-page teaser website was created first to begin the lead capture phase, which will be expanded upon as the story progresses.

Inspired by the historic townhouses of Hamilton Park, we gracefully combined both traditional and contemporary styles to capture the transitional style of the development. The branding drew upon interior design elements, such as carpet patterns, materials and finishes for strong connective elements & brand recognition.

• Naming, Branding & Personality
• Marketing Strategy
• Website Design
• Advertisement Placement & Design


  • 372 9th Luxury Rentals
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